Monday, July 6, 2009

July Already?

Sheesh. I can't seem to get this blogging thing going. We spent the 4th weekend at the lake and except for the last day- it wasn't too much fun. Cold, rainy, icky.

The Pipsqueak has a loose tooth that is really causing her pain, and we were up a lot last night because of it.

Nothing on the job front yet. I'm scared and know I need to fill out aps in other districts- but just don't want to. Guess I need to do that this week and just get stuff in order. Let's hope I'm able to be called back.

My tomato and pepper plants seem okay for now. Not sure how they'll do in the end- but there is one teeny tiny pepper on the plant. Hopefully, more will follow as will the tomatoes.

Better head out and am going to try to get the blog posts from my head onto the computer from now on.