Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Life Sucks

No job yet. My old job opened up and she gave it to a guy. Yup- a student teacher last year... but he can pee standing up so therefore he must the right candidate for the job. Talk about being ticked off.

Right now I'm on almost every subbing list in the area and will be on every subbing list come Friday I hope.

No jobs yet- but hopefully the swine flu will hit and I'll be busy busy. Or maybe some pregnant lady will decide to take all year off and I can be a long term sub. Anything to bring money in.

Other than that I'm trying recipes out of the book "Cook yourself Thin". The show is on Lifetime-an import from England and so far I've liked everything I've tried- as has most of the family.

The biggest hit was sweet and sour pork. Making it this week with beef. We had crunchy chicken fingers tonight, and spaghetti carbonara last night. Even has recipes for deserts and breakfasts. All recipes are easy and fast. My kind of recipe.

Nothing much happening here. Better head out though- I'm going to try and post again on a more regular basis.