Thursday, May 29, 2008


80 applications for four job openings. I guess this is why I don't yet have a teaching job in my home state.

I know it could be worse- but allow me a moment to pity myself as I know I'm a damned good teacher who can't even get an interview!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Yesterday was Zoo Day Field Trip

Mr. Peacock strutting his stuff for the local ladies.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Easiest White Chili Ever

Today is the first time I've tried to make or have eaten white chili. Typically made from chicken or turkey and white beans it never seemed all that appetizing to me.

Today has changed that. I made what had to be the easiest white chili and it was also very tasty. Let me know if anyone out there tries this and enjoys it.

1 lbs. cooked chicken shredded- I used a rotisserie chicken

48 oz of white beans. I used a combo of cannelloni and navy beans- but feel free to use northern beans, all cannelloni, all navy, etc... whatever you like best

1 jar of salsa mild - I used P*ace. Again use what you like

1 small can mild green chilies

80z Mexican blend shredded cheese- I used Sar*gento's. Feel free to use all Monterrey Jack or Pepper Jack or whatever you like

1 TBS. cumin

6 small shakes Texas*Pete hot sauce

Put all ingredients in your pan. Heat through on the stove.

Everyone enjoyed this chili. I was amazed.

This is a very mild chili so if you want it with a bit more of a kick use medium or hot salsa &/or add hotter peppers.


Thursday, May 22, 2008

He Mei

It seems that Anna Mae He (Baker) is now being called He Mei in her school in China. I can't imagine having my name taken away after losing so much already. I suppose it may be easier for her to blend in this way. Or perhaps the Chinese teachers will only call her by her Chinese name. Still, it must be hard.

The article states that at home she is probably still being called Anna Mae and spoken to in English. However, I guess folks wouldn't know this for certain unless they were there.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Just wondering

After reading about the earthquake in China I began to wonder if Anna Mae He (Baker) was okay. If she was touched by the earthquake, if she's in school yet. Last I read, she couldn't go to school because it was too expensive. I believe she is living in Changsha w/Jack & Casey He her biological parents.

I still find myself thinking of this child I've never met at times simply due to the circumstances surrounding her adoption and then being returned to her biological family.

I hope she is doing well and can one day understand all the fuss which surrounds her.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Irena Sendler managed to keep her humanity during a time when man's humanity to man was forgotten has died in Poland. Her life is documented in the play "Life in a Jar".

Please take a moment to read about this remarkable woman.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

What a Sunday/Mother's Day

I've discovered an interesting way to loose weight before the summer fully hits us. The steps are listed below for those who want to read them. I've lost 5 pounds in 3 days thus far.

1. Get a deep tissue massage on Wednesday.
2. Wake up on Thursday with flu like soreness and symptoms.
3. Decide you're too nausious to really eat on Thursday, so you lay around most of the day sleeping.
4. Wake up Friday feeling a bit better. Try a touch of egg drop soup. Realize anything that goes in comes out rather quickly. In a not so pleasant way.
5. Decide eating isn't worth the outcome (literally) and stick to water and bouillon.
6. Wake up hungry on Saturday. Think the worst of the stomach issues are over. Drink a lot of water.
7. Continue feeling good. Try bouillon. Success! Decide you can now try "real" food.
8. Try "real" food. Two bites or three bites of boiled chicken fill you up and you decide goldfish crackers are great.
9. Have a pretty nice day. Eat a goldfish cracker here or there. Some more egg drop soup.
10. Think the worst of it's over. Head to bed.
11. Wake up at 3:30 a.m. remain in bathroom until 4:30 a.m. due to stomach doing loopty loops.
12. Again decide eating isn't worth it.
13. Go back to bed.
14. Wake up.
15. Have child wish you a Happy Mother's Day with a homemade card.
16. Hug child.
17. Head to kitchen to find rice and bouillon.
18. Bribe somebody to go buy a sports drink.
19. Lay down on couch with small child- not even caring that said child is watching SpongeBob Stupid Pants.
20. Hopefully end cycle on Sunday as the week begins again on Monday.

Friday, May 9, 2008


Okay- I love massages. Usually. They get out the knots, get the blood flowing, and followed by an adjustment from the chiropractor- are usually very helpful.

Not the one I had Wednesday though. OMG! Deep tissue massage is deep tissue massage no matter how lightly it's done or how little it hurt at the time. I feel a bit better today than yesterday.... but still feel like I could sleep another two days straight through.

Have felt achy, nauseous and like I was hit by a truck.... am hoping it's over tomorrow. Who knew getting one's blood flowing could be such an ordeal?

Saturday, May 3, 2008


I rarely discuss politics with anyone. I find that I don't enjoy the eventual hurt feelings and disbelief that seem to come from both sides when folks "debate" opposite candidates.

A lot of shouting has been heard recently about the Democratic Superdelegates giving Clinton the nomitation even if Obama wins popular vote. Me, I'm fine with that if it happens. What? Some may say. How can you be okay with that? Well, there are a couple of reasons.

First, anyone remember Al Gore? Yup. The man won the popular vote for President, but not enough in the electorial college. Ooops. I voted for Gore. I was one of the voters who was ignored.

Secondly, I don't want McCain in the White House. Excuse me if I think that our current economic condition and the war in Iraq are reasons to vote for something a bit new.

I think if the superdelegates hand the nomination to Clinton, they do so because they feel that she can win the White House. Not because of some 'race baiting' that folks see in this campaign.

I have seen many problems with Obama as well. Things that he has said about folks in my part of the country, not seeming to care that he's no longer mixed race in this election process, playing campaign ads that make it seem like he's not "in" with the oil companies. It is against the law for candidates to take any money from oil companies. However, both camps have taken contributions from folks in the oil industry.

When my vote is counted, it will be for the person who I think has the experience and background to get things done. A person who doesn't support the current No Child Left Behind laws, someone who supports a woman's choice over what happens to her body, a person who has played hardball in Washington before- as a senator and a first lady. Yup. I'm in the Clinton camp.

I only hope she gets a chance to prove that she can change things for the better in this country. That we aren't left with McCain in office, or floundering with someone who is marvelous at speaking, but has no idea on how to get things accomplished.