Monday, June 21, 2010

Unemployment extention letter

Here's a copy of a letter I sent to U.S. minority leader Mitch McConnell. I don't expect a response. I don't expect him to "get" my sarcasm or my feelings.

However, it made me feel better writing it and so I'm posting it here because it'll make me feel a tad better too.

Mr. McConnell,
I'd like to thank you for really showing our country the way. Today I'm trying to figure out how to pay my bills without unemployment benefits because you decided not to agree to extending them.

I am a highly qualified unemployed teacher in the state of _____. I have been trying in vain to find employment for an entire year.

I am also a single mother who has moved in with my parents because I can't live in this economy on my own anymore.

I would prefer to stay off of welfare. I was not raised to utilize the government in this way, but I am not going to have a choice if unemployment is not extended.

I am trying to figure out how to pay almost $500 a month in health insurance for myself and my daughter when I have no income anymore. How to help my parents pay for the extra groceries, how to pay for eye exams and dental bills, not to mention car insurance and just everyday costs of living.

What do you suggest I do Senator? There are hundreds of teachers out of work competing with me for jobs.

I am scared. Scared because I see no options. Our jobs have left the country, so we don't have as many students. I don't see the job situation getting better and moving is not what I want to do. My child is established here in school, my family is here, but I may not have a choice. The only problem is... there aren't enough jobs anywhere else in this country either and I'm only certified to teach in two states.

So- again, I'd like to thank you Senator. For not doing the right thing for people like me. For not caring that unemployed Americans vote. We do vote.

Maybe next election you'll become one of the unemployed- but then you still won't have the fear we "regular" people have. After all, you'll have all the perks from your career long after it's over.

Oh and Senator there may not be "Hoovervilles" anymore, but don't be surprised to see "McConnellvilles" coming to your nearest bridge sometime in the near future.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Life sucks

What a day! Flag day and my bday. I'm in the most unbirthday mood of my entire life I believe.

I'm unemployed, broke, and have parents that will be tapped out by December. The economy has hit everyone hard and I really don't know what I will do if I don't get a job. I want to teach, good gods I want to teach! I can't even get an interview for the few openings there are. It's depressing to say the least.

I have no ideas for what to do at my age for a new career- I refuse to go back to school and garner any debt.... I don't know if I'm cut out to be an administrator... I feel confused and upset and really would love to turn back the hands of time so I could warn myself of this and give myself the winning lotto numbers or something.

Congress has no idea how normal people live anymore. They had enough time to talk about baseball when they were supposed to be debating unemployment extentions. It must be nice when you can ignore the people you are supposed to be working for to consider the wonders of a baseball prodigy that will never again have to worry about finances. How very nice for you. How very awful for me and the other 900,000 or so individuals who depend on that pittance of an unemployment check to feed our childern and pay our bills.

I am trying not to keep the anger and bitterness, but it is hard to let go. I don't know where to go and what to do with my emotions as I feel like a time bomb as of late. I just want to "go off" and make folks feel as bad as I do-- impress on them just how scary it is to be the working poor. Try telling your kid over and over and over again that we "can't" afford to much of anything... no zoo pass this year (we're both upset about that one), no trips to anyplace that require money getting in... art museum (which was promised), science museum, the mall (try taking a 9 year old to the mall and not spend money).

I am trying to stay positive and get myself in gear to fill out job applications for any district within an hour's drive. It's hard to be motivated to do so, but I must- for it's the only shot I have at maybe one day supporting my kid.

I don't want to move- I may not have a choice.

Wish me luck.