Tuesday, July 31, 2007


I'm in a funk. No other way to describe it. The end of summer is coming. School is almost ready to begin for my Pipsqueak in a few short weeks, and I am still w/out a teaching job.

The state I live in is tight for teaching jobs and if my family wasn't here- I think I'm to the point that I'm ready to move for a job. I did it before. However, that was before Pipsqueak and now that we've moved back- I don't foresee moving again.

Don't get me wrong, I'm doing okay as a f/t substitute, but it's not the same as having your own classroom. I miss that a lot and wish someone would retire so I could be hired. Then again- we need the money in the school budget to hire someone and the rate our governor is going that may never happen.

Guess it's time to stop feeling sorry for myself and look forward to the wedding I'm going to in August- though I can't find any clothes to wear to the wedding.

Ah well, hopefully, I'll be out of this funk soon.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

19 years later update

I just watched an interview with Jo Rowling on Today and had a couple of questions answered. Thought others might like the answers as well.

Ron and Harry are Aurors at the ministry and have revolutioned the department. Harry is the head of the department actually. Hermione is high up in Magical Law Enforcement- a wizard lawyer.

The ministry has changed and is now a good place to work. It was changed by Harry, Ron, and Hermione.

There's a new headmaster at Hogwarts and Jo promises to tell us who when she writes the Encylopedia of Harry Potter.

Luna is probably wandering the world as a naturalist, finding interesting things out that no one has discovered before.

Jo said that Mr. Weasley was to die in book 5, but she couldn't bring herself to do it. I'm glad he had the reprive.

Jo also said she doesn't see Snape as a hero. He may have been brave, but if he hadn't loved Lily, he wouldn't have cared what happened to Harry one bit.

And on that note- I'll sign off

Saturday, July 21, 2007

All is well

I loved Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I may not have liked everything that happened to all of the characters. I may have wanted even moooore details on the trio at the end of the book. Overall, however, I'm thrilled to have Harry end this way.

Friday, July 20, 2007


Well, this is my first foray into the world of blogging so I guess an intro would be in order. I'm a single parent to a wonderful girl, adopted from India in 2002. My Pipsqueak is now almost 7 and I can't believe how time flies.

This isn't necessarily and adoption blog, nor a parenting blog. I'm not sure what it is as of yet. Hopefully it will evolve into what it is meant to be as time dictates.

I don't know how frequently I will post, but hopefully at least once a month. My life truly isn't all that exciting at the moment. However, that may change as I stalk the UPS driver tomorrow waiting for the new Harry Potter book.