Monday, October 25, 2010

Horror in Oklahoma -if you're an older man & his dog

A man in Hydro, OK broke his dog out of the pound using a riding lawn mower and a pair of bolt cutters. The 73 year old man decided to bust Buddy Tough out of the pound when the dog was picked up and a $100.00 fine was issued.

It seems to me that this man didn't have the $100.00 to pay the fine- was told his dog would be killed, and felt he had no choice.

What really, really bothers me about this- is that while Fry was in jail- they killed his dog. That's right- they killed a lap poodle. Because his owner screwed up- they punished the dog. Mr. Fry needed to post $100.00 of a $1000.00 bail and couldn't do it. If he couldn't pay his own bond, how did they expect him to pay that much to get his dog out of jail?

Please go and read the full article here; I wish I could do more than write a letter to the pound in Hydro (town of about 1060 people) and the officer that told Fry he would kill his dog.

What they did was wrong. Yes, Mr. Fry should have kept his dog on a leash- but to kill the dog for this is a bit too much.

Monday, October 11, 2010


Okay- I just stumbled upon some pictures that a neighbour down the street posted of her family. My Pipsqueak is in a few of the photos because she is good friends with their daughter.

I don't really want Pipsqueak's image on the internet.... any ideas of how to tell her tactfully to take down the images of my kid?

It also makes me wonder if others have put photos of her up without telling me. I would never post a picture of someone else's kid (at least the face) without asking first.