Monday, January 18, 2010


Read this story:

Okay, back? I am furious that this woman- who did not refuse orders- she asked for more time is being prosecuted and her poor child put into foster care. The thing she was trying to avoid.

Can you imagine her grief, anger, and anxiety at not knowing what is happening to her child?

There is no excuse for this in our country. Does the army fancy itself a communist Russia? Do what we say or suffer?

Why not give this woman more time to find appropriate child care? What commanding officer in their right mind tells a single parent to show up for duty so we can put your kid in foster care.

Yeah- I want my kid put in one of the most screwed up systems in this country. It's nuts.

I have no respect for the army. I commend the men and women who are doing their jobs in the army- but the entity itself has no cause to ask for my respect. It has not earned my respect for certain.

I can only hope that all the publicity this situation garners will help Spc. Hutchinson's case. We can all see who the enemy is here- and it's not Spc. Hutchinson.... it's the army.

Saturday, January 9, 2010


Today is so much better. I realized yesterday that I had a lump the size of a golf ball on my head, above my eye. It was also black and blue. I had hit it on the car frame the day before and am thinking maybe I had a slight concussion which made me feel so crappy... not sure- but after a good sleep I'm much better.

Making beef stock and vegetable beef soup today (if I have any frozen veggies in the house).

Saw the 20/20 show on David Goldman last night. It was a good update.

Okay- I'd better head off, a lot of stuff to catch up on today.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Does anyone even care?

I, personally don't give a sh*t about this. Do you?

Peter Orszag, the budget director of the White House has declared that he is the father of Tatiana Zoe, the daughter of Claire Milonas, the Greek shipping tycoon. This Read more:

Why the f*ck should I care if he knocked somebody up? Why should anybody care if this kid is his daughter?

Yes, I'm in a pissed a** mood today.

The fact that it's 11:22 and I haven't eaten since getting up might be part of it. The fact that the stupid chicken is in a pot ready to boil for soup is the rest of it. I'm not planning on eating it though. I just couldn't figure out what else to do with the stupid chicken. I feel like I've wasted a cut up bird in soup.

Oh, and to top off my morning- I had to stop my laundry so somebody else could take a shower. I hate living here.

Wish this was newer

I recently found this article

about Anna Mae He. It's from last year and I only wish I could find a newer update.

After watching the drama unfolding for David and Sean Goldman, I started thinking of this little girl again and hope that she's doing a little better than she was last year at this time.

Taken out by a chicken

This morning has to be one that makes no sense. Despite the fact that we have new snowfall out the wazzu- there was only a 2hr school delay. Okay- I can live with that considering my Pipsqueak doesn't have to ride the bus.

However, after she left (my dad takes her to school) for some reason my world collapsed. Over a chicken. Yup, a chicken.

I had put in the first load of laundry and was getting the soup pot ready for the chicken. My plans had been to make chicken noodle soup today. Easy, simple, and perfect for this weather.

I bought 3 chickens yesterday at the butcher. Two were cut up and 1 was a small, whole (under 3 lbs) bird perfect for soup. Somehow I managed to thaw out one of the cut up chickens.

The thing is my mother noticed I had this cut up bird thawing- why didn't she say something to me? I'm really bothered by this for some reason.

Why is it such a big deal you ask? I don't like to use cut up chicken for soup. I know, technically, it's the same as a whole chicken- but I just don't like to do it. I won't do it. Therefore, I have no idea what to do for dinner or with this stupid cut up thawed chicken. We had baked chicken for dinner 2 nights ago- I'm thinking nobody wants it again.

That's when I lost it. I mean lost it... tears, anger, wanting to throw the daggum chicken out the window. I'm not sure what's wrong- but I am certain most of this emotion really isn't about the stupid chicken. It's about the fact that I still haven't found a job, that I feel trapped, and that my poor kid is growing up this way.

Yes, extended family can be a good thing. But we aren't the Waltons and I don't want to live here anymore. I want out. I want a job. I want my life back. I want my kid not to have memories only of what she was never able to do, but of fun things too. Right now, I don't know how many of those 'fun' memories she has that will include me.

She told me the other day that I never smile anymore. She's right. It takes a lot to make me smile and I am having a hard time not being serious all the time. Part is my personality, part is the overwhelming feelings of not having my life where I want it.

Anyway, if anyone still reads here- any chicken ideas will be welcome since I don't have a flipping clue what to do with this one except to cry about it.