Saturday, September 20, 2008

More zoo pictures

The first picture is of course, the sea lion balancing her ball while doing a handstand. The second is just a neat photo (I thought) of the Black footed penguins from Africa.

Feeding time at the Zoo

The Pipsqueak and I spent the afternoon at the zoo. We signed up for a program and for a nominal fee were able to prepare lunch for 2 zoo animals. In our case the Red Panda and a Tortise.

The zoo kitchen smelled awful- but it was neat making the food. The other class participants made food for animals like River Otters and Bobcats to Scarlet Macaws and Rabbits.

After making the food we got to walk around part of the zoo to feed our animals. Feeding the Red Panda had to be one of the neatest experiences ever. The Pipsqueak got to hand feed her and I was able to get one good picture of the event.

We also saw the Sea Lion feeding/show and I have a great picture of a Sea Lion balancing a ball on her nose while doing a handstand. Was great and hopefully I'll get it posted later.

Anyway- after the zoo we grabbed a late lunch and headed home via the country roads in order to stop and pick our pumpkins from some kind farmers front yard.

All in all, a great day.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

School and Sickness

New school, new kids, new germs = me having my first major cold of the season. It turned into some type of sinus/allergy thing too- so this past week has been rough. I feel a bit better today and hope this week will go much better breathing wise.

I'm enjoying the new job. I have kids from grades 1-5 and am enjoying them as well. Never was sure if I'd do okay with the bigger kids- but they are a lot of fun too.

Spent part of the day at the zoo yesterday for a class for the Pipsqueak in horse care. She even made the local news for another zoo event and was thrilled to see herself on TV last night.

I can't believe it's a little over a month before she turns 8. Seems like yesterday I was celebrating her 2nd bday (1st party) a few months after she came home. She wants a 'real' party this year- so we're going to have it a week early so it can be outside.

I think some sort of 'pin the hat on the witch' or the 'mole on the troll' depending on the poster I can find, decorating small pumpkins with markers, ice cream and cupcakes and we'll be finished. Oh and gift opening of course. She won't let me forget that.

She wants a cake on her actual bday- so that will be a family party and I think will be very low-keyed and laid back.

Best get going - am going to make jalapeno poppers and then must find bread and soup for my lunches for school this week.